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How much time do I have to cancel my reservations?

You have 72hrs to cancel your reservations before you are charged Full amount, (Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE). If you do not cancel and you do not show up, you will not be granted a refund.


Can we drink on the party bus? 

You are allowed to bring any type of food or drink on the M.C.R&R party bus including alcohol.  However, you do have to be 21 per state law to consume alcohol.  If you have alcohol on our party bus, everyone in your group must be 21 years or older.


Can we smoke on the party bus? 

Smoking is not allowed.


Can a party bus fit in my driveway?

Our party buses can get to most places.   However, getting into your driveway is not always possible.  If you are having a stationary party and live on a busy street, the driveway would be best.


Can I bring my gun if I am licensed to carry?

No, we do not allow any type of firearm or any other weapon on the Nashville Part Bus


Where do you pick up at?  Where will you drop us off at the end of the night?

Generally, our clients will meet at a central location like someone’s house, a big parking lot, or a hotel. We can pick you up and drop you off in the same location. 


Do we need to tip our driver?

Our staff works very hard to keep you safe. If you have had good service and a good time, a tip for the driver is appropriate.  


What can I do on the party bus?

Have a good time! Enjoy drinks and dancing. Spend time with your friends.  We hope that you have an excellent time!  You purchase a block of time to use any legal way you like it.


Do you provide food, drink or presents?

We do not provide food, drinks, or presents. This is only reserved for our packaged kids party. We recommend that you bring paper plates, plastic utensils and cups for your drinks if you decide to have those items for your party.


What happens if I go over my scheduled time?

We will work with you and your party to ensure that you return to your destination at the scheduled drop off time, however, if you decide to extend your party, you will be charged accordingly. If you choose to go over scheduled time you must contact M. C. R & R, you will be charged extra.


Do I tell the driver where we want to go?

Communicating with your driver is best. If you need to make an unexpected stop, relay this information to your driver and they will handle it for you.


Do I have to go inside all of the nightclubs that my friends go to?

No, you do not.  We prefer that your group stays together, however, if you want to stay on the party bus while your friends check out a venue that is fine with us.


What happens if there is a fight?

Really? No fighting! If you have a friend that gets out of hand when he/she drinks-maybe they should stay home. If a fight does occur, your party will end at that time and no refunds will be given.  We do not tolerate any fighting. Also depending on the injuries, the police will be called and there will be potential arrests.


Who is responsible for cleaning the bus?

Your party is responsible for cleaning up the bus after your party. All bottles, drinks, plates, etc should be placed in the trash when your ride ends. You will be charged extra if the bus is not cleaned accordingly.


What happens if someone damages anything on the bus?

In the event of damages or bodily fluids that require detailed cleaning, there will be an additional $300 to $ 600 cleaning fee added to your rental fees.


What happens during inclement weather?

In the event that we have bad weather (i.e. snow, ice) we will cancel your reservations and you will not be charged. Safety to our clients and driver are the most important thing.

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